Promotional videos for events/festivals and bespoke music videos for bands/solo artists


Make You Cry - Can You Wait?


Make You Cry's official video for their single 'Can You Wait?'


Luke Rance - As Yet Untitled


A piano piece I composed, originally written for a showreel and then cut with a music video project in an abandoned RAF base in the dead of night.


Parklife Festival 2019 - Highline VIP


You’re invited to the hottest party in the neighbourhood, escape the masses and dive into the pool of luxury as we take you to the heights of the Parklife Rooftop VIP, an experience like no other.


Glowing Glare - You Wanna Sleep? #talkmore


Debut single and short film/music video from Glowing Glare, shot on location in Leeds UK. Paired with #talkmore to aim to remove the stigma attached to mental health.